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At Leamington Primary Academy we are SMART online.


Safe - We know we have to keep our information safe when online.

Meet - We know not to meet someone online, even a friend of a friend, as it can be dangerous.

Accepting - We know to think carefully before be open something online.

Reliable - We know to compare information from different websites as not everything online can be entirely true.

Tell - We know to talk to adults we trust if we ever feel upset, worried or confused.



Each class in school has their very own 'Smartie the Penguin' above their interactive whiteboard. They were made by the Nursery children during eSafety week.


You can find the Smartie the Penguin story on... www.childnet.com/resources/smartie-the-penguin

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Please see the guides below for more information regarding eSafety.

These guides are from InternetMatters and more information can be found online at https://www.internetmatters.org/