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Our curriculum is taught through enquiries, which is a thematic approach, initiated by an enquiry question. The enquiry is then taken on a journey of purposeful learning, culminating in authentic outcomes, which answers the question. We have a different subject drivers per term for our enquiry which are:


Autumn: Explore (Geography)

In Year 3, we will be answering the question 'Can the Earth survive every disaster?'  We will be learning about what makes Europe with a focus on Spain and Italy. We will be comparing the UK to these parts of the world and their cultures. In addition, we will focus on the fossil hunter Mary Anning and exploring why she found fossils so fascinating. Linked to our work on fossils, we will be incorporating Science where we will learn about different rock types and how they are formed. This will link back to our knowedge of Italy and the events of Pompeii with the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.


Spring: Discover (History)

Summer: Create (The Arts)

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