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Our school Senco coordinates support for children with additional needs in school. In addition to this a number of teaching assistants have had training on supporting pupils with additional needs. 

SEND at Leamington 

Leamington Primary Academy is a mainstream primary school with a nursery. We take pupils from age 3 – 11. Currently we have 446 pupils on role.


We have a purpose built school, over two floors, including 15 classrooms and a hall, which is used for both lunchtimes and PE. We also  have an open plan library with computers available. We have two playgrounds, a fenced astro-turf area and large fields surrounding school. In addition to this, we have a sensory room, a counselling space a group workroom, a meeting room and a pastoral intervention space. The building has a lift and evacuation chairs for use in case of an emergency; staff have had training about how to safely use these. We have two disabled toilets and a hygiene room. Our playgrounds and fields are part of a secure site that has fences surrounding them. The school is fitted with a ‘lock down’ system, which restricts access around the building for use in emergencies.


Admissions to school are made through Nottinghamshire central admissions


We are an inclusive school and will aim to make any arrangements needed for all children to be fully included in our school.


We work closely with Local Authority Specialist Teachers from SFSS where a child has a specific need such as a Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment or Autism.


 ‘Relentless in our strive for excellence’ underpins everything that we do and runs alongside our principles; Confidence, Aspiration, Creativity, Fun, Pride, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility. These help all our children to achieve the best that they can in all areas of their learning.


Children are identified as having Special Educational Needs if their progress has slowed or stopped and the interventions and resources put in place do not enable improvement. Once this occurs, we have specific target setting plans which help support their development and accelerate progress. At this point the child is listed on our ‘SEND register’ for these pupils. Parents will be invited to discuss and review targets and support three times a year with the class teacher.


We differentiate teaching and learning tasks to suit the needs of the learner. Risk assessments will be written and shared with parents when they are needed and we can write a personal evacuation plan if that is required.


We have a transition coordinator who leads on supporting children when they start or leave school, this includes visits by the staff and pupils, including extra visits for those who require them as well as sharing information with new schools.


You can find full details of how we support children with additional needs in our School SEND Information Report below.

Nottinghamshire Local Offer can provide information about services and support available in our area.
Some children require support to be co-ordinated by the Local Authority. These children would undergo an Education, Health and Care EHCP Pathway. The leaflet below explains how the pathway works in Nottinghamshire.