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Leamington Primary Academy is its own admissions authority but Nottinghamshire Local Authority coordinate our admissions. This means that the school sets its own admission policy but the Local Authority manage the process.


Please find all of the information relating to school admissions below, should you have any queries then please feel free to contact us on 01623 455951.


Nottinghamshire county council school admissions guidance.


As an academy, Leamington Primary Academy is it's own admissions authority and must meet all the mandatory provisions of the that came into force on 19 December 2014 (updated Sept 215).


The Flying High Trust Admissions Policy below outlines: admissions arrangements; over-subscription criteria; special circumstances; in year admissions and appeals procedure.

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.  We would actively encourage you to come and have a look round and get a feel for life at Leamington Primary Acaddemy - please do get in touch with our school office on 01623 415790 to make an appointment

Please note:

Appeals timetable 2017-18:

  • National offer day - 16 April 2018

  • Closing date for on-time appeals - 14 May 2018

  • All on-time appeals must be heard by 16 July 2018.