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W.C. 23.11.20

Weekly Question: Is water always available?

This week in English, we are focusing on writing a persuasive leaflet on how to save waterWe will be learning about water pollution and conservation.

We will look at the features of a persuasive leaflet and what needs to be included throughout this week. 


In Reading, we will continue our unit on 'Retrieval'. This will link to our enquiry and will involve answering a range of questions focused on water conservation in line with our persuasive leaflet. 

In SPaG, we are learning about the correct use of double letters in spelling and determiners as well as possessive pronouns and fronted adverbials


Our spelling focus this week is the prefix -auto which means self/own. 

Friday 27th November

Thursday 26th November

Wednesday 25th November 
Tuesday 24th November 

Prefix -auto - Spelling Task

Monday 23rd November 

Watch the video below to show you what good persuasion looks like and for hints and tips.