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"Relentless in our strive for excellence"

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The Leamington Flow

Our curriculum reflects the Flying High Partnership’s intent of promoting well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their journey. A curriculum based on compassion, integrity and a pursuit of excellence in order for our children to meet the potential.


Leamington’s Curriculum is:

Vocabulary Rich




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Our curriculum is taught through enquiries, which is a thematic approach, initiated by an enquiry question, for example: Year Two: Will animals be on our planet forever? The enquiry is then taken on a journey of purposeful learning, culminating in authentic outcomes, which answers the question. Each enquiry is planned over ten weeks, with three enquiries planned per year. Other objectives uncovered and seasonal work can then be planned in during the discrete weeks before Christmas, Easter and Summer to ensure complete coverage. Our drivers for each term are: Explore, Discover and Create.

Our pupils have a broad, balanced, relevant and rich curriculum that develops their skills, knowledge and experiences to thrive as lifelong learners. Our children have the strategies that they need to facilitate their own learning and achieve their full potential. They feel empowered, have high self-esteem, are able to follow areas of interest and have the skills and disposition to thrive in the global environment of the 21st century.

Impact: Pupil and Parent / Carer Voice

‘Bees pollenate flowers to help our gardens grow and collect honey for us.’ – F2 child after their enquiry: ‘How do insects help our community?

‘Totally amazing! Lovely afternoon seeing and hearing what all the children have been learning about has been fab!’ – Year 1 Parent after NSPCC fundraising Learning Look for their enquiry: ‘What makes a home?’

‘I learned about protecting endangered animals. I asked my mummy if I could adopt a leopard. Me and my sister have adopted endangered animals.’ – Year 2 child after their enquiry: ‘Will animals be on our planet forever?’

‘I’ve learned that litter is bad for our environment. I saw some plastic on my street and I picked it up and put it in the recycling bin.’ – Year 3 child after their enquiry: ‘Do we sculpt nature?’

‘Graffiti is art when it has been done with skill and not to offend. We want to see art that tells a story or a message like Banksy’s political messages.’ – Year 6 child after their enquiry: ‘How street are you?’