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How to use the Virtual School

Our Vision

It is our aim to support our Leamington families with home learning throughout either an isolation period or the closure of school due to COVID-19. Our goal is to provide a virtual school that can be easily accessed and provides a range of activities. The activities can be completed independently or with an adult / older sibling.


Within the ‘Live Learning’ tab you access an example timetable to help you plan the school day at home. This includes online sessions that are happening throughout the day.


There are 3 learning zones of our virtual school:

  • EYFS Zone (Foundation 1 and Foundation 2)

  • KS1 Zone (Y1 and Y2)

  • KS2 Zone (Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6)


Within each zone there are specific year group tabs. These tabs will take you to the core resources to support learning in Enquiry, English and Maths with additional links to useful websites. They also include the home learning and reading menus which are used to enhance our enquiries.