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Autumn 1: What happens at night time?

Can I grow big and strong?

To kick start our topic the children in Nursery made Autumn bags. The children took their bags home and filled them with all things Autumn which we then explored at school. During our Topic we learnt lots of new stories. A few of our favourites included Jack and the Beanstalk, Jaspers Beanstalk, the Tiny Seed, the Little Red Hen and Percy the Park Keeper.


We had lots of special secret visitor throughout the term. One week the Little Red Hen came to our school everyday with a special present. We tried different types of bread and even baked our own bread. The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk gave us some special beans to grow. We loved looking after our very own beanstalks. The giant also gave us his giant pizza box to play with and then the hen gave us some eggs to bake cakes! Jasper from Jaspers Beanstalk gave us the snails he took off his beanstalk to look after. We took great care of them.


We finished our topic with a special pumpkin patch day and healthy food café. When we arrived at school lots of pumpkins were on the school field. We decorated the pumpkins and used the other vegetables to make tasty snacks for the café.