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Our Trust

Leamington Primary Academy is a proud member of the Flying High Trust.

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What a year in Oak class...

Completing our work on Fidget Spinners!  Some wonderful writing came from the argument to have them in the classroom.

Writing on a Friday afternoon! :)

Writing on a Friday afternoon! :) 1
What an amazing way to be finishing off this year.  Thanks to the amazing things we have all achieved this year, I have won an award at the annual Trust Awards event!  This is only possible because of the hard work of the children in Oak class.  A brilliant bunch!

Award Winner

Award Winner 1
Our maths lessons have just got interesting :)  The traffic lights championships have taken place in Oak class.  These pics of the finals show just how pressured it can be :)

Traffic light championships of the worldddddddddd...

Traffic light championships of the worldddddddddd... 1 A tense final Georgia v Katie
Traffic light championships of the worldddddddddd... 2 Who will be traffic lights king?
We are learning about the wonderful tree inspired creations that the artist David Hockney has produced.  We have put our skills to the test by mixing up specific tones and shades of colours.  We have also developed our knowledge of perspective and using a vanishing point.

Hockney inspires us

Hockney inspires us 1 Abbie carefully mixing her colours : )
Hockney inspires us 2
Hockney inspires us 3
Hockney inspires us 4
Anotherrrrrr SATs reward!  We visited our local Frankie and Benny's restaurant for some well deserved refreshments!  WOW what a treat!

Pizza Time

Pizza Time  1 Everyone say...Pepperoniiiii :)
Pizza Time  2
Pizza Time  3
Pizza Time  4
Pizza Time  5
Pizza Time  6
As a huge thank you for the children in Oak class and their parents/carers, we held a party.  So many people have helped us all throughout the year so we invited everyone in for some nibbles : )

Let the celebrations begin...

Let the celebrations begin... 1 Smile fellas!
Let the celebrations begin... 2
Let the celebrations begin... 3
Let the celebrations begin... 4 MMMMMmmmmmmm SATs Muffin
Let the celebrations begin... 5 Hmmmmmm Footy or cake?
Let the celebrations begin... 6
Let the celebrations begin... 7
Let the celebrations begin... 8
Let the celebrations begin... 9 Let's get the party started!
Let the celebrations begin... 10
Let the celebrations begin... 11 Adults join in our celebrations : )
SATs breakfast café is open for business for one week only!  A good brekkie boosts the brain so we are all making sure that we eat well before each day starts!  We wish it could be SATs every week : )

Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time 1
Breakfast Time 2
Breakfast Time 3
Breakfast Time 4
We have our own specially designed SATs t-shirts based on a character that Georgia Tuffin created earlier this year.  We have been so inspired by what 'Tim Can' can do that we decided to include him on the front of our tops.  We get more and more SATs ready by the day.  #TeamLeamington

SATs ready. Bring on the questions...

SATs ready.  Bring on the questions... 1 SATs T-shirts are here! If Tim Can then so can I.
SATs ready.  Bring on the questions... 2 Tim Can
We are even working hard in the Easter holidays!  Children have given up their own time to join in with extra sessions before the SATs begin!  Confidence is through the roof alreadyyyyyy!  What an amazing bunch!

Easter hols booster sessions! Bring on the SATs : )

Easter hols booster sessions!  Bring on the SATs : ) 1
What had an inspiring visit to Nottingham University to learn more about university life and what it was like to be a student on campus.  After the 'Grand Tour' we had the opportunity to work in a lab creating an amazing moving duck.

Robo Duck (Quack, quack)

Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 1 All ready in the lab...
Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 2 It's duck building time!
Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 3 Just look at that concentration
Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 4 Some great work from Derry.
Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 5 Scientists in the making! :)
Robo Duck (Quack, quack) 6
For our Autumn topic about war and the Holocaust we have visited the national Holocaust Centre in Laxton.  A very sensitive subject but our children used a mature and compassionate approach to understand about the lives of Jewish people at this terrible time.  We will take so many memories and thoughts away with us.  What a fantastic day.

Trip to the Holocaust centre (Laxton)

Our first assignment as Oak class.  Team building and class bonding at PGL Caythorpe.  What a brilliant start to our year.  Lots of us conquered our fears and we all had a super time in the sun.  Now let's look forward to an amazing Year 6.
Welcome to Leamington Primary Academy. Relentless in our strive for excellence.