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Phonics in Year One

Phonics is taught from Nursery to Year Two. In Year One children have a Phonics Screening Test which is held in June. Children are required to read 40 words, 20 of the words are real and 20 are nonsense words. Please see an example below from last years paper.

We teach phonics daily in Year One and the phonemes (sounds) can be found in your reading records and also below on our phoneme mat. We use the Jolly Phonics actions to help children by using physicality to aid memory of the phonemes. 

Please help your child to spot the phoneme in their reading books or when they are out. 


Key vocabulary:

Phoneme: The sound it makes.

Grapheme: The way it looks.

Digraph: Two letters which make one sound e.g. ai, ee, ou, au

Trigraph: Three letters which make one sound e.g. igh, ure, air

Phoneme Mat

Phoneme Mat 1
Phoneme Mat 2
See our helpful websites page for exciting phonics games to play at home.